We are innovators, engineers, technologists, scientists and project managers. We believe that technology combined with trusted partnerships will yield the best results. We believe in optimizing our clients’ precious, finite assets of time and resources.  We believe that solutions must be shaped around clients’ needs. We believe that pixels convey insights that prompt innovation. We believe in the power of imagination,  diligence, and disruptive creativity.

We Are AerialZeus.

Business Summary

Since 2013, AerialZeus has been a leader in the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). AerialZeus’ specialties are characterized by:

  • An early focus on UAS (‘drones’) for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, remote sensing, environmental monitoring and infrastructure inspections.
  • Expanded capability in all forms of aerial intelligence (including LiDAR, multispectral imagery & thermal infrared).
  • Integration of all data sources into increasingly sophisticated data management platforms. These platforms support detailed analysis and yield intelligent insight on an array of physical conditions, all of which can inform client tasks and objectives.
  • Use of “Data Intelligence from Pixels” to produce a wide array of insight essential to planners, designers, construction managers, and operators of virtually any form of physical infrastructure.

AerialZeus was one of the first organizations, in the USA, to be granted an FAA 333-exemption to commercialize UAS services in California. We are DBE, SB-Micro, SB-PW, and LGBTBE certified statewide and SEED (Sacramento) and CBE (Community Business Enterprise, LA County) Certified.

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Expertise and Experience

AerialZeus draws from a wide array of senior technical specialists, technologists, and partnering companies to present the suite of capabilities best tailored to our client’s needs, resources, objectives, and timelines. AerialZeus capabilities include deep expertise and experience in the following areas of aerial intelligence:

  • Geodatabase Design – Such a geodatabase can contain historical information, data from remote sensing, field surveys, as well as capturing changes over time.
  • Data Collection – Data collection can be accomplished by surveys, satellites and other sources, to include portable devices such as the new iPhone 13 with LiDAR capability.
  • Data Visualization and Modeling – Data mapping with GIS yields actionable intelligence from the multiple, overlapped data layers. Real-time data visualization tools such as 3D modeling and Building Information Modeling (BIM) can provide critical insight and decision support.
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation – 3D models of facilities using aerial and terrestrial data (RBG+ LiDAR data) enable monitoring of tunnels, bridges, stations, or facilities over time.

Team Summary

Luis Robles
CEO, and Founder

As CEO, Luis is responsible for strategy, investment in human capital, and the success of all AerialZeus engagements.  Highlights of AerialZeus performance under Luis’ management:

  • Ten years applying early drone and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to the needs of customers in agriculture, utilities, construction, natural resources, and security industries, in each case demonstrating the capabilities of these technologies well before such applications were understood.
  • Seven+ years leading engineering teams in the innovative uses of UAS, satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, visual computing, ‘big data’, virtual reality, and ‘the internet of things’ in tailored combinations of these cutting-edge technologies to real-world client needs.
  • Experience with the private, university, and municipal entities to efficiently survey the habitat characteristics of large geographies (vineyards; freeway construction sites) to identify habitats at risk, historic/ anthropological sites requiring preservation, best-routes for construction, soil- and plant conditions to address pest control, all at significant efficiencies over the manual practices formerly employed.
  • BSc. in mechanical engineering (California State); M.Sc. in technology (University of San Francisco), entrepreneurial studies (Stanford); business innovation (Dartmouth Tuck School of Business).


AerialZeus’s lead specialist in the area of Disaster Risk Management and Disaster Risk Reduction. PhD in Understanding and Managing Extreme Events at University School of Advanced Studies in Pavia (Italy) and a Master’s in Environmental Studies at the University of Tokyo (Japan).

  • In charge of developing methodologies for risk assessment for different hazards like floods, wildfires, landslides, droughts, and others. Methodologies include the use of GIS, remote sensing and statistical techniques.
  • Many years of experience in consulting firms and as an independent consultant for the United Nations (i.e. PNUD, ESCAP). Activities include exploration of potential projects,partnerships, data modeling, writing reports and deliverables.
  • Experience also includes research work at prestigious universities, including the publication of numerous papers in international journals (i.e. Springer, Nhess).
  • Assistant Professor in GIS and Geomatics, Hydrogeomorphology (University of Pavia, Italy) and Climatology (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina).
  • Over 15 years of disaster risk and multidimensional vulnerability analysis including data gathering, data processing and model development.

Paul Granado
Senior Scientist in Remote Sensing and GIS

As AerialZeus’s lead specialist in remote sensing data capture and analytics, Paul’s responsibilities include the design of project work plans and methodologies for complex analytics to meet client requirements. Examples of Paul’s work:

  • Extensive research and education in Geomatics, a discipline devoted to the use of tools for the collection, storage, analysis, processing, and presentation of geographic information.
  • Design of GIS and remote sensing workplan for AerialZeus’s Independent Evaluation of the wildfire mitigation efforts of a major California utility, with emphasis on vegetation management, risk mitigation, and asset integrity and geolocation.
  • Over ten years’ experience in applications of GIS and remote sensing tools for evaluating environmental connectivity.
  • Over ten years’ experience in ecological projects for species distribution, vegetation conditions, temporal-spatial change detection on sensitive ecosystems, endangered species assessment, and threatened habitats.
  • Biologist from the University of Zulia State, Venezuela, with specialization in Geomatics (Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research, Venezuela)

Nenad Surjanac
Sr Environmental Engineer in UAS and GIS Applications, and Director, AerialZeus Labs

As a PhD in photogrammetry and Director of AZ Labs, Nenad stays abreast of current and cutting-edge aerial technologies. He applies this expertise to the specification of technologies, platforms and workplans, including implementation of data collection and analysis, to ensure satisfaction of client objectives. Key highlights include:

  • Primary design of UAS applications for AerialZeus’s Independent Evaluation of vegetation management, risk mitigation and asset conditions under the wildfire mitigation plan of a major electric utility.
  • Six years designing applications of aerial technologies (such as photogrammetry, multispectral sensors, cameras, Unmanned Aerial Systems/UAS, etc.) to the needs of clients in utility, natural resources, research and other industries.
    Specialty in the application of aerial intelligence to terrain modeling, detection of forest damage, health assessments of critical habitats & species, erosion control and other forms of environmental monitoring.
  • Ph.D. studies in photogrammetry, with applications in hydrology modeling of semiarid areas (University of Belgrade, Serbia); M.Sc. in erosion and torrential flood protection (Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade).